Thinking About Selling a home in Edmonton? List with a Real Estate Marketing Team

Selling with Loop Real Estate

Are you selling a home in Edmonton? Selling a home is not as easy as cleaning up and calling a real estate agent. It can be a difficult process that requires the right timing and preparation especially if you’re planning to buy homes in Edmonton as well. Just like how location of real estate listings is important, timing can make a difference between a good sale and a bad deal. Timing can be the deciding factor in how much money you can expect from your real estate listings when you are selling a home in Edmonton.

This is where we come in. The Loop Real Estate Team, part of YEGPro Realty in Edmonton has a team of dedicated Realtors & Professionals whose goal is to facilitate you so that if you’re selling a home in Edmonton and looking to buy homes in Edmonton, you can sell your home quickly and at the highest possible price. If you have a property for sale in Edmonton, you can contact us, and we assure you that it will be our honour to represent you as your Edmonton realtor and treat you with compassion and respect the entire way.       

We at Loop Real Estate work diligently to combine the art and science of Edmonton real estate with marketing expertise, leveraging technology, communication, and exemplary customer service to ensure that our clients who have property for sale in Edmonton can have the best Edmonton real estate experience of their lives. 

List with Loop and See The Difference

The Loop Real Estate Team, part of YEGPro Realty is an Edmonton-based team with a shared goal – helping people selling a home in Edmonton and those looking to buy homes in Edmonton. We bring together the art and science of Edmonton real estate by leveraging technology, stunning media, marketing expertise, communication and incredible customer service to ensure all our clients have an amazing experience with their property for sale in Edmonton. We started off in marketing, and still operate a branch of our business known as ‘Loop Real Estate Marketing’ – a business that helps Edmonton REALTOR®’s succeed through the use of effective marketing strategies. After realizing how powerful marketing campaigns could drastically influence the saleability of a home, we decided to launch a real estate team… and the rest is history.

loop real estate team

Why are we in real estate?

We love real estate.

That is the word that embodies our team. We love real estate, we love working with people, and most of all, we love marketing.

“Find a career you love and you’ll never have to work a day in your life”


Your home is your biggest asset. We take that seriously.

Selling a home in Edmonton is not a quick or easy decision. Property for sale in Edmonton is likely your most expensive asset and you want to make sure it is in good hands. The Loop Real Estate team considers it an honour to represent you as your Edmonton realtor in this transaction, and we promise to do everything we can to help make this the best Edmonton real estate experience of your life!


We will:

  1. Do everything we can to sell your real estate listings at the highest price possible.
  2. Be with you from start to finish, walking you through each step from selling a home in Edmonton and then helping you buy homes in Edmonton.
  3. Extensively and effectively market your real estate listings, Utilizing technology and MLS Edmonton.
  4. Maintain communication with you at all times as your Edmonton Realtor
  5. Provide amazing customer service that will blow you away!


Selling a home in Edmonton is a collaborative process. Together, we can get the best possible price for your home.

The Right Pricing Sells Your Home Faster.

Selling a home in Edmonton is a collaborative effort. We work with our clients to help them get the best possible price for their real estate listings.

Our experienced team begins by presenting an extensive Comparative Market Analysis (CMA). This will help you get a clear picture on properties for sale in Edmonton like your home and what other real estate listings sold for in the current Edmonton Real Estate Market (MLS Edmonton). Then we take into account upgrades, add-ons, furnishings, etc. to adjust the price.  

It is imperative that your house is priced right from the day it goes on the Edmonton real estate market and MLS Edmonton. Statistics show that the most attention and showings for real estate listings happen within the first month. 

That first month will give your property the most hype and we don’t want to miss out on that by overpricing your home. The Loop Real Estate team will make sure you list for the right price on MLS Edmonton so that you don’t miss out on a potential buyer.

Selling a home starts way before the home hits the Edmonton Real Estate Market (MLS Edmonton).

Our team will recommend several inexpensive things you can do to improve the look,  feel and vibe of your property for sale in Edmonton. Now, what do we mean by this?
As we know, first impressions are everything when it comes to Edmonton homes for sale. We will do all we can to make sure the first look a buyer gets of your real estate listings is a good one.
If you decide there are some small renovations or touch-ups needed to make your home more desirable to buyers, we can refer you to our list of trusted contractors.

Marketing is the number one factor of getting the most money for Edmonton homes for sale!

Here’s our strategy that gets deals done:
Multiple Listing Service Database (MLS). First things first, we will upload your home to the MLS Edmonton database. This will post your home on thousands of sites including in the Real Estate Edmonton market.
Professional Photography. It is so important to have professional photography from a photographer that specializes in Real Estate photography. We work with one of the top Edmonton real estate photographers to ensure we’re showing off your home to its best advantage. The better the pictures encapsulate the beauty of your home, the more interest it will get, and the higher the chances of getting a great offer.
Custom Designed Brochures. Sometimes home buyers will look at several Edmonton homes for sale before choosing to buy homes in Edmonton. They may have loved your home when they were there, but forgot why they loved it after seeing a few more homes. We will ensure this won’t happen to you by creating custom brochures about your home that buyers can take home with them.
Open House. We’ll hold an open house to attract as many buyers to visit your home as possible. We always market extensively for an open house, put out signs on all the streets around your home, have brochures to take home and delicious snacks and refreshments to create a great experience for those looking to buy homes in Edmonton.
Custom Video / 3D Tour. Videos & Virtual Tours are one of the best and newest ways to marketing Edmonton homes for sale. Statistics show that these techniques have WAY higher engagement across all platforms than photos. For this reason we bring in a professional film crew to make a video or virtual tour depending which show your home better. Most Edmonton REALTOR®s do not offer this service, and it will set your real estate Edmonton listings apart from the rest of the market.
Social Media Advertising. Social Media has become an amazing avenue to get your real estate listings massive exposure. Through our sister company ‘Loop Marketing’, we have a Facebook business account. This means we can accomplish way more than the average person and realtor in Edmonton. We will define your home’s ideal buyer, and use that profile to blast social media ads in front of people that meet those criteria. This is a great way to directly target prospective buyers.
Featured on Loop Marketing built and operates a free to use website that contains all the active real estate listings in Edmonton. On the site, consumers can search for homes on MLS Edmonton, set themselves up for email updates, favourite the properties they love, and much more. We get over 10,000 visitors every month! All our listings get preferential treatment, and are posted on the front page for everyone to see in the ‘featured listings’ section. This alone will get your real estate in Edmonton and area MASSIVE exposure.
Weekly Kijiji Posts. Kijiji is still a place where lots of consumers look for real estate in Edmonton and area. Our team will post your photos and a great write up. We’ll then re-upload the post weekly to maintain status at the top of the page.
Analyze Market Trends. In real estate it is very important to stay ahead of the curve. There are many things that can – and will – affect the value of your home. This includes the time of year, mortgage rule changes, consumer expectations, and other market influences. Our job as your Edmonton REALTOR® is to stay on top
of the ball and make adjustments to your real estate Edmonton listings and price as needed.
Request Feedback. Once we do the legwork to get potential buyers through your home, we want them to fall in love with it…and ultimately buy it. If they don’t, we want to know why. If it is something we can change for them, or for future prospects, then we can increase the potential of getting an offer. We’ll call the other REALTOR® or buyer and ask them what they liked and disliked about your home to see what changes we can make.
Outbound Sales. Last, but definitely not least, is outbound sales. This is a unique advantage of working with the Loop Real Estate Team. Through our website, we can see the search activity of every single user on the site. If we see someone is searching for a home like yours, we’ll call them and bring them to your house ourselves!

Houses Ready to Show, Sell.

This is the only part that requires effort from you. We will do everything we can as your realtor in Edmonton to advertise and market your home. But all our efforts will be thwarted if buyers can’t get into the house or if the house isn’t show-ready.
Here are the things you can do to help sell your home:
  • Be flexible. We get that you’re very busy and sometimes buyers will want to see your house at inconvenient times or with little notice.
  • Be Clean and tidy. This one is pretty self explanatory but worth mentioning. Please do your best to make sure your house is clean, toys are put away, beds are made and dishes are cleaned.
  • Follow our home staging tips. We will provide a list of things you can do to stage your home.


Once we get an offer, then it’s time to negotiate.

A negotiation is all about one thing, power, and who has more of it. So we look at every single factor that has either given us power, or taken away power.
This includes:
  • Days your property has been on the market
  • Comparable property for sale in Edmonton
  • Desired possession dates
  • Any attached or unattached goods included with the sale
  • How many showings and interest we’ve had
  • Any clues we’ve received on how interested the buyers are
We then discuss these factors with you and create a strategy to get the most for your home.
All of our agents have extensive sales training and experience and are well-versed in negotiating.

Once an offer has been accepted and conditions are removed your home will officially be sold!

From here we’ll handle all the necessary paperwork and have you look over and sign where needed. We’ll then recommend a lawyer if you need one to help you with the closing documents. We’ll be with you right until the end, whether that’s helping find you your next home, recommending movers, or helping you prepare for possession day – we want to be your Edmonton REALTOR®’s for Life!

Our goal when you sell with Loop Real Estate

The Loop Real Estate Team, part of YEGPro Realty is ready to go to work for you! Our primary goal is to get the highest price possible for Edmonton homes for sale that are listed with the Loop Real Estate Team. We treat each of our clients exclusively because we know that it is crucial to work closely with each individual during pricing and presentation to make a successful sale. Our professional team of Edmonton Realtors will be with you from start to finish helping you each step of the way. They will market your home extensively and effectively to make sure that you get the best price for your property for sale in Edmonton.

We maintain communication with our clients at all times so that they do not feel left out. Our clients receive our utmost priority thus ensuring that their real estate experience is an amazing one.